Behavior Support Specialists

Behavior Support Specialists

What We Do

Behavior Support Specialists (BSS) are consultants with expertise in the area of behavior. In affiliation with the Arkansas Department of Education, Special Education Unit, we provide technical assistance and professional development to promote positive behavioral outcomes for students. A BSS is located at each Education Service Cooperative (ESC) in order to meet the needs of each district in the state of Arkansas. Four of the consultants also serve as Co-coordinators for our consultant group. Contact information, along with the regions that each Co-Coordinator serves, are listed on our Contact Us tab. Our services are provided at no cost to the school district.

Who We Are

Behavior Support Specialists serve all 75 counties in the state of Arkansas. We provide professional development for administrators, teachers, and other school personnel who work with students with disabilities. Technical assistance is provided to school teams addressing behavior concerns for individual students. Technical assistance can be requested for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade who are receiving or in referral for special education services. See Our Services tab for more information about individual-student consultation. 

Services We Provide 

General Technical Assistance

  •  Email, telephone, and consultation
  •  Informational resources including articles, web links, videos/modules, and recommendations for book studies
  •  Sample forms
  •  Overview of services provided

Targeted Technical Assistance

  •  Professional development on identified needs (interventions)
  •  Coaching of district personnel
  •  Customized training/technical assistance based on district data or needs assessment
  •  Online professional development
  •  Classroom setup/restructuring
  •  CIRCUIT referral

Intensive Technical Assistance

  •  Child specific supports for individual student with severe challenging behaviors (assessment, programming, training for staff)
  •  Autism identification and programming
  •  CIRCUIT referral

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