Arkansas CLSD Grant

On October 1, 2019, the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education was awarded a federal Comprehensive Literacy State Development (CLSD) grant from the US Department of Education. The Division is required to subgrant no less than 95 percent of the award to eligible subgrantees. At least 15 percent of the grant funds must serve children from birth through kindergarten entry; 40 percent must serve students in kindergarten through grade 5; and 40 percent (split equitably) must serve students in middle and high schools.
The purpose of the CLSD is to award subgrants that advance literacy skills and development. These skills include preliteracy skills, reading, and writing for all children from birth through grade 12. 

Spring 2020 CLSD Request for SOAR Grant Applications 

The Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) requested applications for Comprehensive Literacy State Development (CLSD) Grants for K-12 schools and/or districts. Eligible entities were entities categorized as Local Education Agencies (LEAs). 
This application asked LEAs to be creative and innovative in order to support the DESE’s vision of transforming Arkansas to lead the nation in student-focused education. 
The name of the subgrants awarded to LEAs was changed from CLSD Grant to the Successful Outcomes for Arkansas Readers (SOAR) Grant.

For more information, please contact:

Amy E. Counts, MSE, CLSD Grant Coordinator
Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Elementary and Secondary Education
Division of Learning Services, Curriculum Support Literacy Unit
Four Capitol Mall, Room 202-B
Little Rock, Arkansas, 72201
Phone: 501-682-4311
Unit Phone: 501-683-0914