Arkansas State Review of Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs)

Goal and vision of the AR State Review

The AR State Review for EPPs sets a shared vision and bar for high-quality educator preparation in our state while supporting a process of continuous improvement to ensure all new teacher candidates prepared through those programs are ready to meet the needs of Arkansas students on day one.

Outline of the State Review Process

The AR State Review for EPPs was designed to elevate the key pieces of data and the program experiences that align with our vision for high-quality preparation of teachers that are ready to meet the needs of Arkansas students on day one. The organization and focus of the overarching framework include three core standards with aligned indicators and criteria. The AR State Review Standards are:

  1. Candidate Recruitment & Completion
  2. Preparing Candidates Effectively
  3. Meeting Workforce Needs


State Review Timeline and Approach




The State Review of EPPs Schedule shows the semester each EPP will receive a comprehensive state review.


The full cycle of a State Review period will take approximately two years to complete reviews for every EPP in the state covering all three standards. Reviews will be conducted for approximately ¼ of programs per semester for the two-year period. EPPs will receive a State Review every six years for programs meeting expectations. For programs evaluated to be performing below expectations, there will be a performance improvement plan and a mid-cycle review at the three-year mark.

Standard 1 and 3, Comprehensive Data Reports

EPPs will receive workforce data reports one time per year to support planning and program quality metrics for programs. The reports will show how each EPP’s data aligns with the established targets for each quantitative metric in Standards 1 and 3.

Standard 2, On-Site Review

Each EPP will have an on-site review every six years. During the visit, the review team conducts the focus groups and observations.  They review documents submitted by the EPP and meet together to discuss findings and norm on ratings. Reviews will receive training and have access to an On-Site Review Handbook that will outline the steps of the review process. 

Science of Reading Coursework Audit

Beginning in 2024, EPPs will additionally undergo a Science of Reading coursework audit that will sit within the structure of the Arkansas State Review for Education Preparation Programs (EPPs). The addition of this audit will accelerate the state’s efforts to ensure educators completing their training and certification are also prepared to teach and develop literacy skills for all Arkansas students on day one. The approach will align to and build upon the state executive order to prioritize Literacy, Empowerment, Accountability, Readiness, Networking, And School Safety (LEARNS). The Science of Reading Audit will be conducted alongside the State Review for all 26 state-approved EPP programs in AR that offer K-6 and special education certification pathways.  The audit will focus on Science of Reading proficiency and awareness requirements as they relate to the preparation of Arkansas teacher candidates.


More information about the AR State Review of EPPs can be found in the AR State Review Guide.



For more information, please contact:

Sharlee Crowson, Ed.S., Educator Workforce Data Coordinator
Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Elementary and Secondary Education
Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensure
Four Capitol Mall, Room 401B
Little Rock, AR 72201-1019
Phone: 501-682-6349

Joan Luneau, Educator Preparation Coordinator
Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Elementary & Secondary Education
Educator Effectiveness | Office of Educator Preparation
Four Capitol Mall, Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-683-6618



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