Aspiring Teacher Permit (ATP)

Purpose:  The purpose of this form is for a school district to apply for an Aspiring Teacher Permit for an educator employed in a teacher of record position for the area in which they are currently completing a traditional internship through an approved Arkansas university. The Aspiring Teacher Permit should be used for a teaching vacancy, not for a temporary or long-term substitute.


  • Cleared Background Checks
  • Meets all the requirements for and internship/residency at the IHE
    • The IHE must have a MOU/Support Plan signed with the district that ensures additional support.
  • Passing scores on all content assessments required for licensure (includes Foundations of Reading K-6 and Sped K-12)
  • Recommended for employment as teacher of record, in the appropriate licensure area, by a district.
  • District must assign an experienced mentor teacher
    • Mentor must have:
      • A minimum of three years of teaching experience
      • Effective Teacher Summative evaluation
      • Coaching Training

Who May Apply: This form must be completed by a superintendent or a superintendent’s designee and not by the individual who will be teaching under the permit.

Identification No: The individual’s AELS Case ID (CID) number is required. This number will be generated upon completion of the background checks. The AELS CID number for an individual may be viewed on the AELS website at:

The MOU of support between the university and the school district must be established before proceeding with this application. All Application Materials Must Be Received By The Fifty-Ninth (59) Day Of The Semester The Aspiring Teacher Is Teaching. 


For more information, please contact:

Matthew Sutherlin, Director of Licensure and Educator Preparation
Arkansas Department of Education
Four Capitol Mall, Room 106-2B
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-682-8526
Fax: 501-682-4898