Beginning Administrator

Each Beginning Administrator (BA), a first year administrator with no prior experience as an administrator, is required to receive mentoring/induction support for his or her first three years of employment.  Year One induction will include only first year administrators unless the administrator was hired late during the previous school year and did not previously participate in induction.  Administrators returning to the profession and those with out of state experience, must still register as a new administrator to ensure they have received TESS credentialing.
The BA induction and first year of mentoring support is in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) and the Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators (AAEA).  Administrators in year two and three of mentoring may attend the regionally organized Professional Learning Networks for new administrators.  
The year will utilize a blended approach featuring in-person and virtual learning.  
Induction will include:
  • AAEA Summer Conference, August 3-5
  • TESS Credentialing (Early Fall, Face to Face)
  • Mid-Year Focus Topic (Winter, Face to Face)
  • Monthly group advisory sessions conducted virtually
  • Access to a network of specialized Advisors
Upon hiring new administrators, school districts must register the following:
  • First year administrators (excluding superintendents)
  • Experienced administrators from out-of-state; and
  • Administrators returning to the profession
Click the link below to access the Beginning Administrator Registry. This will register the administrator for Beginning Administrator Induction for 2020-21 and the AAEA Summer Conference, August 3-5.

For more information, please contact:

Madison Green, AAEA:
Dr. Richard Abernathy, AAEA:
Andy Sullivan, DESE: