Request a Lifetime Teaching License


Effective:  August 1, 2017, the Lifetime Teaching License is also available to persons who are retired*, whether or not they are 62 years of age.

Please Note:  There is NO FEE for a Lifetime Teaching License



 License Requirements

The applicant must hold a current or expired Arkansas teaching license

Be either at least age 62 or retired from active teaching under:
  • Ark. Code § 24-7-701 (voluntary retirement at age 60 with 5 yrs of service or at any age with 28 yrs of service);
  • Ark. Code § 24-7-702 (early voluntary retirement at any age with combined total of 25 yrs or more); or
  • Ark. Code § 24-7-704 (disability retirement)

*All questions relating to teacher retirement should be directed to the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System, 501-682-1517, 1-800-666-2877 or email:

To Apply:

Complete the Online Application (Remember, there is no fee!) at
If less than age 62, upload a copy of your Arkansas Teacher Retirement System letter.
If age 62 or more, upload documentation that you:
Worked in an educational setting while licensed;
Made significant contributions to education, educational research, or the profession of teaching through scholarly endeavors, teaching experience,  excellence in teaching, or educational innovation;
Retired through Arkansas Teacher Retirement System.
Complete All Required Background Checks (if none on file within the last 12 months). Please visit Background Checks.

Professional Development Requirements:

  • No annual professional development (PD) is required for licensing purposes.
  • However, a lifetime teaching license holder employed by a school district must complete all PD required by the school district (including professional growth plan requirements under TESS). Therefore all PD requirements should be discussed with the school district where the license holder is employed.

For more information, please contact:

Office of Educator Licensure
Arkansas Department of Education
Four Capitol Mall, Room 106-B
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone:  501-682-4342
Fax:  501-682-4898